Saturday, July 5, 2008

"I don't wanna wait in vain..."

The flight between London and Prague is about an hour and a was a very uneventful flight, and was over before I could really settle in, but yo, jus have to big up British Airways, because even though it was such a short flight, I still got a sandwich and a cookie, unlike American, where you have to beg the stewardess for water, and I can't forget that wine and liquor was big respect to the English...

So, I was back in the Ceska Republika, I got through immigration relatively easy...I followed everyone downstairs to the baggage claim, and began scouting out a good spot to wait for my bags, you know, that prime location right by where the bags come you can grab them before someone mistakes your bag for theirs, and because you can't wait to get out the by one, I mean literally, one by one, they slowly came out the luggage door, and one by one, people started leaving with their bags, with that look of relief and happiness on their face, that all their bags made it, smiling hard, taunting the rest of us as they walked by.

Ten minutes became twenty, and twenty became forty, and by the time it became an hour, it was only four of us left, the flight was no longer on the screen above the luggage belt, and there was tumbleweeds rolling through the airport...

In other words, my bags never came...after speaking with one of the representatives, I found out that my bags made it to Montreal, and after an extended layover, wouldn't be arriving till three hours later. This was after the lady from American, I think she was a manager, guaranteed me that she was going to personally go down to the luggage carts, and make sure that my luggage was rerouted straight to London. I think what she really did, was she went downstairs, smoked a cigarette, started talking to one of her co-workers about what she was going to do this weekend, and then she came back upstairs and gave me the new baggage claim slips with the new information...which apparently were never assigned to my bags, because they ended up in Montreal still, but yo, so it go sometimes..."Summer is here, I'm still waiting there..."


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