Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Good-Night and Thank-You Pragga"

Yes massive, the "travellin man" is back in the building...fresh from the Czech Republic and the UK. I've been back a week, and the jet lag is still lingering, but such is life, as my granny would say. My European experience was bitter-sweet. I'd been to London before, but never to Eastern Europe. My experience there was, let's see, how do I put this, different.

First off, let's talk about the weather in Prague. During the day, it was -5 degrees Celsius which is about 23 degrees Fahrenheit, and then the temperature just kept dropping at night...yo, it wasn't cold, it was RHAWTID my granny would say...yo, before Prague, I swore up and down, "Yow, bad man don't wear scarf, you mad!" Well, inna Prague, yo, me and my scarf was like batty and bench, one don't go without the other.

So, I'm not sure if the weather plays a part in people's attitudes, but yo, the people were just cold, rude, and miserable, not even Bounty coulda touch dem, "Cross, Angry, Mis-ah-rebel..." My sistren Saran is there studying for a semester, yeh man, big up mi stylist, photographer, we would go to different places, and it was straight rudeness, I mean, everything from this old couple pulling us up by the arm to get up on the tram to windows being closed in the face to straight refusal of service at a restaruant...

There we were, on the tram, and this blind man with a dog gets on...he kept saying something in I believe Czech, and ofcourse we never understand a word. So, I'm there petting the dog, then out of the blue, this crazy, mad old man and his coke head wife start shouting and then proceed to put their hands on our arms and try to pull us out of the seats. Now, if I was to tump down this old man, would I really be wrong, yo, I was about to go jail in Prague, straight up...(to be continued)


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