Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 14: August 7, 2007 (Part 1)

"I am leaving on a jet plane, I don't know when I'll be back again, kiss me and smile for me..." yes, in the words of Beenie and Doug E. Fresh, if you don't know the song, do the research...I'm actually leaving London today around 11 AM, but before I head out, lemme tell you about Saturday night:

Yo, I was in the process of making my way down to Oxford Circus to check out some night life, via the bus on High Street Kensington, when I decided to go over to a bar/restaurant called Arch Angel. I had previoulsly hailed up this bouncer that worked there, so I figured I would go over there and ask him about what was poppin for the night, maybe go inside for a little bit. So, as I'm talking to him, there is a group of about seven older guys (when I say older, I mean like mid to late 20s) walking out the club, who then try to catch a cab. The bouncer tells me that they probably won't get a cab in this area for the same reason we both couldn't eat at a diner in rural Mississippi during the 1950s. Then these three young girls and two younger guys (when I say younger, I mean A-levels younger, 16, 17, maybe 18) walk out, and one of the girls gets into some form a argument with one of the seven older guys waiting for the cab. Follow me so far, good.

So, then the girl goes back inside the club, in the meantime, the pot is boiling beause one of the younger guys is being draped up by one of the older seven. Then, out a nowhere, one of the older guys tump one of the younger yout in the face, by this time, amidst the back and forth ting, and the commotion, the girl come back out the club with two older guys to try and mek peace. They try to talk things out, but that just leads to more excitement, and in the blink of an eye, the older seven guys just rush the two new guys that came out, and jump them, kicking them in the head, the mouth, tumping one of the girls, shoving another one, girlfriend bawling, it was madness, for real...then, just like that, the seven either all jump into one car or two, I'm not sure (I really don't know where they all of a sudden came from) and drive off.

Then the police show up, which by the way, don't carry guns, that has always been interesting to me, apparently if you as a civilian, is caught with a gun, it's an instant five years or something like after the pandemonium, an adult somehow associated with the younger group shows up in a limousine, she's in the middle of everything, then she leaves, ambulance shows up, some proper cussing going on, one of the younger youts is going crazy, bawling, going out of control, it was crazy, pure bullocks, trust me...and I couldn't help but think, damn, why do we always have to fight each other, why is it always one of us...


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