Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day 11: August 4, 2007

Planes, Trains, and no Automobiles:
Yo, I left Amsterdam yesterday, and my flight was delayed 4 hours back to London...I found a cheap one way flight on British Airways, speaking of money, yo, the exchange rate is ridiculous, especially for certain bruk-pocket artists such as myself, the pound is 2.13 to 1 and the Euro is 1.5 to 1, so needless to say, the complimentary breakfast of toast, bread, and more toast was much appreciated...before I left Amsterdam, I came across this place called the Living Room, right down the street from the Anne Frank House, where apparently, squatters can occupy a building once it is vacant without paying the owner any rent, the only way the owner can evict them is to provide the city with definite plans for use of the these people I met were essentially squatting there indefinitely, and had cleaned the place up, and set it up like a "coffee house style" open lounge where they played reggae and hip hop, and spread the word about squatting in Amsterdam, a type of socialist lifestyle where everyone pitched in to up keep the yuh si, is not only Jamaica have I dropped off a couple Cds, posted some flyers, thanked them for their hospitality, and headed off to Schipol to catch my flight...oh yeah, before I forget, big up to the staff at Nadia Hotel...right now back in London, once again trying to find a session or dance to go to, but as always, we'll see how that goes...



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