Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day 9: August 2, 2007

Paris Gare Du Nord to Amsterdam Centraal: "All Aboard!!"
Well...touched down in Amsterdam via the train from Paris, the spot I stayed at was down the road from Dam Square, off a street called Raadhuis Straat. Met a few DJs, dropped off flyers and CDs in various "coffee" shops, bars, and clothing stores, got a few spins, made a few connex, I had a couple coffee shops play a couple tracks, yo, big respect to the staff at the Kadinsky coffee shop and the bar across the way, they were the first to play my musik, it was interesting to see people's reactions...for the most part, it was positive, and everyone speaks English, so communication wasn't an issue like Paris, I was actually glad to learn that Lauryn Hill had a show here last week, I think, I'm glad she's back in the game, her solo album was solid, straight through...there's also a Richie Spice show coming up the end of this month, TOK is coming as well, and a big reggae show not this weekend but next, with Sizzla, Buju and many other artists, I can't remember right now, so yo, reggae de yah...otherwise, I only have one question: why is it that I can't see the bottom of the canal, what is really goin on...?

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