Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 14: August 7, 2007 (Part 2)

"Memories don't live like people do, they always remember you, whether things are good or bad, its just the memories...Baby don't forget me, I'm a travellin' man, movin through places, space and time, gotta lotta things i got to do, GOD willin' I'm comin back to you, my baby boo, I'm leavin..." in the words of Mos Def, but before I leave, here's part 2 as promised:

So after Arch Angel and the madness in front, I left Kensington with the same bouncer from the door, Kofee, one of his breddren, and my good sistren Saran, to head over to Brixton...once again, before I forget, big respect to Kofee for the ride star...and nuff respect due to my one and only, photographer, videographer, yes I-yah, my camera crew, Saran...on the way, we saw another fight in front of another pub, club, or whatever it may be, this time it was a patron fighting a bouncer,
(This actually made me not feel as bad about the first fight, apparently everyone; not just us, love to fight)
and the same two police from the first fight, a male and a female officer, tried to break it was crazy, the woman officer was between these two men that were twice her size...pure madness, I never knew London stay so...apparently, the Brits have a rep for brawling throughout Europe, trus me, I see it, but it doesn't stop there...

We finally get over to Brixton, we hit up this one spot, I think it was called Porky's, or something of that nature, it was a pool hall, met some local soundman, the dance was kinda dead, so we head to another spot...when we get outside the club, two man start the back and forth thing, "So my yout, whe you really a seh star, how yuh really feel," then the other one: "yuh wan ramp wit b...clot me, come on, me seh, me shot people fi fun," like Ox in Belly...then outta nowhere, babylon swoop down in a van, two officers get out, and immediately, one of the man dem is arrested...this was a very different response from the police in Kensington, but then again, we in Brixton aka Little Jamaica, so the color scheme changes....

After that, we ended up at some session called "Mass," where the elusive David Rodigan was supposed to be playing, which was the strangest thing, it was a club in a building that looks like a church, I think it used to be a church, I don't know, but that was a little disturbing to me...outside you had the "crack-heads" doing what "crack-heads" do, the bouncer there told us Rodigan was playing a different night, so we asked one of the man dem outside where the next session was...after going to what seemed like every club in Brixton, we eventually called it a night, and I headed back.


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