Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 14: August 7, 2007 (Part 3)

Similes and Metaphors:
Like Cutty Ranks, Saturday night cyaan dun...I had to post it in two parts, now part III:
Aside from the late night London brawling, I also got to experience the other side of the city as well...yesterday I went to the University of the Arts by the Bond Street tube station, and met two dreads, one was a lady who worked security there, and a yout, I never got their names, but I reasoned with them for a little bit, and they recommended some spots in Brixton to check out, but unfortunately, I was leaving the next day, but such is life....nevertheless, respect due to those two for the advice...I left them with two CDs, left some flyers in the main lobby and student area, and continued on.

I also checked out Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster, you know the usual, then took a walk along the River Thames, saw some local classical musicians, jazz as well, there were a lot of street performers; everything from xylophones, to mimes, to classical jazz ensembles, etc. I also came across a skating park, with walls upon walls to "post your complaints at." One time for all the graffiti artists out there, I actually ended up talking to this one guy from Poland who was posting his own complaints, he told me about his crew back home and their music, like Johnny Appleseed, I left him with a CD, and kept moving.

Afterwards, I ended up by the Tate Modern Museum, I felt like I was in the Woody Allen flick, Match Point, crossed the bridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral...the sky was completely clear, no clouds, like Ice Cube said, "today was a good day."

In addition to the Thames, I also went to Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, Trafalgar Square, filmed some footage for a music video to one of the tracks from the album, in fact, in each city, Paris, Amsterdam, and London, I got some footage for that project, so yo, well excited about that, but London, it's about that time, like they say, whoever they may be, all good things must come to an from London, Jamaica, next stop Toronto, my flight leaves today at 11.

Bless up.


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