Friday, June 27, 2008

Are We There Yet...

"Yes I-yah...Coppa Stone is in the house, without a doubt..."
Well, "once again you can scream and shout," that line is from an old school track by Candyman, for those who don't know, learn yuh lessons, do your homework, but yeah man, after 26+ hours traveling, I'm back in Europe...touch down in Prague two days ago. You know how they say it's not about the final destination, but it's more about your journey to get there, well, mine was one hell of a journey.

I arrived at Miami International with over an hour and a half to spare, which is very impressive...considering my trips to the airport is always packing the morning before I leave, weaving in and out of traffic on the 826 and 836, cutting off five cars to exit to LeJeune for the airport, flying around the curve to departures, and taking out my bags before the car even stops in front of the concourse, so I can run in and check in before they close, then ofcourse, I arrive one minute after they close check-in, so then I have to convince a manager to let me on the yeah, an hour and a half is very impressive.

So, I get there early with all this time to spare, go through security, find the gate, board the plane, everything is running smoothe...then they announce that the head pilot has not arrived yet, so we sit and wait for another 30 minutes. Finally, my bwoy arrives, strolling on to the plane like it's all good. Alright, cool, we can tek off, so we start to taxi on the runway. I start setting up for my well-deserved nap, because yuh dun kno, no sleep never run the night before, because I'm a procrastinator for life, so yeah, just as I'm getting comfortable, the stewardess announces that we're going back to the gate because of mechanical problems.

After sitting on the plane an hour, waiting for a mechanic, they then say we have to deplane, and everyone gets off, because they're not sure how long it will be. I was supposed to fly to Prague via Montreal and London, but after the flight got delayed three times, they announced that the plane we were on would not be flying today, so we had to wait till another flight came in from Santiago, Chile, and then transfer to that plane for the flight to Montreal. As my granny would say, "What a crosses pon mi, oh lawd..."


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