Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Guess Who's Back...."

After 24 plus hours of travel and no luggage, I was looking forward to seeing a familiar face. When I walked out the arrival doors, the only person I saw was an older Czech lady mopping the floor. I felt like Lisa Stanfield, "Been around the world and I, I, I can't find my lady..." I looked to the left, nobody, looked straight ahead, no one, I was like damn, I guess she left, so I started to walk out and then I turned to the right, and boom, there she was, I should of known better. It had been five months since I had seen Saran, she is one of my closest friends and my biggest supporter in this music thing, needless to say, it was good seeing her, trust me. "Guess who's back in the mother******g house..."

As we traveled back from the airport on the bus and the train, (yeah man, no van to pick me up, no representative to meet me at the airport, no hotel booking, yo, true struggling artist style, public transportation to the fullest) we encountered the usual stares from the locals. Saran was immune to it, but I was fresh off the plane, so I had forgotten how it was. Regardless, it felt good to be back. We took Bus # 119 to Dejvicka, the last stop on the green line, the A line, and took the metro to Flora, where Saran's flat is, (i.e. my accommodations in Prague) right by the mall.

There's a six-hour time difference, so my remedy for jet lag is to stay up all night and the whole day tomorrow, and hopefully fall into the new time zone. Tonight, I'll choose which covers I want to do for the show, maybe "Welcome to Jamrock" and "Ghetto Story." I'll rewrite some of the lyrics, memorize them, and finalize my set. I figured I'd give myself a day to recoup, and then the next order of business would be checking the promoter for my show this weekend, to mek sure everyting lock. Like Russell Simmons says, "Goodnight and God Bless."


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