Thursday, May 14, 2009

So the Tings Set...Another Year Under the Belt (Part 3)

You can never plan for everything, so like I said, you jus haffi cut and go tru...or just learn to make due, watch the after Simone, my breddren FRANK NITTS, took the stage. Despite all the feedback, we continued trodding on, like "A Lion in Zion..."

Frank did a couple of his own tracks, then I joined him for the last song, and transitioned into my set. The crowd seemed receptive, so I took off my jacket, rolled up my sleeves, and got down deep into my first track "Muzik." I was supposed to do three more songs from my album, but there was some miscommunication between Bashment and I, because I forgot to explain to him that my first set of four songs were all combined into one track on the CD, they weren't separated individually, in other words, I need to step into the 21st century and upgrade from CDs to laptops or MP3s, but that's a whole other story.

Regardless, I played it off, as always, the crowd was none the wiser, and the show continued on. I did another piece, then brought up INNASENSE BAND, the wickedest reggae band this side of the equator, memba me tole yuh...respect due to man like Prince P, Jimmy Dred, Junior, Icardo, and the whole Innasense family, for blessing up the place. They did a lot of their own songs, and then I came back and did a few tunes with them. Usually at Mangos, because of the venue and the crowd, it's mostly covers that they play, so it was good to hear more of their own original material. By this time, the session like a Stephen Marley tune, did more than "calk and ram," and for my non-patois folks, that means the place was packed....

My breddren J-KILLA, and the Killa Squad crew were supposed to play next on the 1s and 2s, but time was running away, far, far, away. They were well tired from playing earlier that evening at another event & they had also went to the Bob Marley Festival downtown; so instead, I let A-TRAIN, the resident dj for the spot, play out the rest of the he was complaining about it being his regular night and what a view, so like Black Rhino, one more time, a so the tings set...

So overall, and furthermore, the ting sell off, and once again for my non-patios folks, that means, the night went well, it was a success...So we gonna do this like we reading the inside of an album cover:

Big up to my girl Saran, for all of her support, and convincing me to still follow through with the event, despite all the obstacles, it wouldn't have been possible without you, big up all the fans, family, and friends who came out and supported this thing that I do, too many to name, big up all the djs and artists that passed thru, big up Nikki for photographing the event, all the way from NYC, and Jannelle for the extra pics, big up the whole Vagabond staff for allowing us to do what we do, many thanks to all who bought an album, hopefully, we'll have it available online soon, big up Uncle Deeni & Irie Isle Jamaican Restaurants for the catering, yeah man, so you dun kno, it's all about giving thanks and counting your blessings, so thank you God for another year of life...Bless up every time...RIDDIM UP...


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