Wednesday, July 30, 2008

6 Minutes, 6 Minutes, Coppa Stone You're On....(Part 3)

Once we left the hotel in town, we headed straight to the festival, which was actually in Ziznikov. The road changed from a paved road, to a dirt road, up a hill and through some bush, as we were driving, I thought to myself: This is in the middle of nowhere, on a real "Blair witch" flex, I couldn't even begin to describe to someone where I was if I needed to be found.

As we were driving to the venue, we passed a police contingent, (Babylon bwoy dem full out) and Bob Marley began singing in my head, Jamaica isn't the only one with a "3 o'clock roadblock." Luckily, they never checked us, but they stopped a van behind us.

We pulled in the artist gate, parked the car, and checked in to get our backstage bands. When I saw my name on the artist list below Luciano and his entourage of fifty, well maybe not fifty, but my man rolls deep...I thought to myself again, who would a thought, the lickle bwoy from Jamaica would a touch down in Czech Republic...wicked...After we got the bands, we headed towards the stage, a local group was on stage, I think they were Prague Ska Conspiracy...

I was scheduled to perform around 2 in the morning, it was about 8 p.m., I keep forgetting, we deh a Europe breddren, no watch nuttin, so yeah, it was about 20:00,
so needless to say, I had a whole heap a time on my hands, so I gathered up my stylist/photographer/videographer/publicist, Saran, who by the way, is responsible for all the pictures and videos I post online, respect my girl, couldn't do it without your support, and we headed on to the festival grounds to tek in the vibez.

There were thousands of people at the festival, and all kinda stalls with food, beer for days, tea, coffee, herbs, jewelry, everything, and a lot of dogs, on a side note: Apparently every one in Czech Republic has a dog, yo, even in Prague, the dog goes on the metro, the tram, inside the supermarket, the restaurant, the job, everywhere, the dog is like another person.

We got some local food, a noodles thing and a chicken thing, not sure what the name was, it was good, but it was very salty, and we never finished it. Big up the bredda from RDK HI-FI Sound System, from outta Brixton, when we went to their section, he gave us some rice and cook-up fish, yardman tings. His sound specializes in Dub, and they drove down from England to play all three days at the festival. Their set up was some straight Studio One business, old-school style with the speaker box dem stack up to the sky...dem man deh serious, two vans, portable gas stove, tents, dem a the real deal...


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