Saturday, August 9, 2008

6 minutes, 6 minutes, Coppa Stone You're On....(Part 4)

After exploring the festival grounds, we headed backstage and posted up til showtime. The day was slowly fading away, and I began to notice a direct relationship between the sun setting and the temperature dropping. Yo, it just kept getting colder and colder, by the time the moon came up, it was about 50 degrees farenheit, or 10 degrees celcius, and counting. Yow, it was July, the middle of summer, and it was cold, sorry deh, coowwwl, so needless to say, I had no jacket. It does get cold in the mountains during the summertime, but not this cold, according to the local folks, who by the way, all had jackets, so I guess I never got the memo. I ended up borrowing B-Rocka's jacket, which was a size too small, because when you start seeing your breath, the short-sleeve thing cannot work, trus me. By the time 2 AM came around, it was about 40 degress...

The lineup was Roccaflexx, a local Czech sound, and then Damalistik, representin' for Roots Survival Sound outta France, then Babylon Rocker. There was a mix-up with the time, because B-Rocka was supposed to play after my set, but he went on first instead. After his set, was Missy M and MC Amdiez, they did a combination set, and then I went on. Big up Missy and Amdiez for the wicked intro, when I took the stage in the freezing cold, it was about 2:30 AM. The set went better than I expected, despite the weather which affected my voice in the beginning. There was a misunderstanding with the DJ, and he played the wrong set first, but we worked it out, and I played it off, so the crowd never caught on. They recieved the music well, and stayed with me for the entire set. I started off with the usual Damian Marley cover, "Welcome to Jamrock," and then the Mims and Junior Reid, "This is Why I'm Hot," and followed it up with Cham's "Ghetto Story."

The wickedest part though, was when I started performing my originals, and during "Africa Why," they all sang the chorus before I started...nothing can describe that feeling...trus me when I seh dat, once again....big up the promoters, the fans and patrons, the sound man and engineer, man like Babylon Rocker...Reggae Ethnic Session Festival did sell off...Thank you Czech Republic, respect due....


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