Sunday, April 12, 2009

So the Tings Set...Another Year Under the Belt (Part 1)

"See it deh," like Black Rhino, a so the tings set...I can't believe it's going on two months since I had my born-day celebration and album release at Vagabond in downtown Miami.

That weekend was crazy, because there was three events going on that weekend, a retirement party, baby shower, and my album release, so crazy isn't even the word. There was airport runs, people flying in from out of town, yard and abroad, ex-amount errands to run for each event, phone calls to make, confirmations to be made, plans to be executed, flyers & albums to be printed up, and the list goes on and on like a Erykah Badu tune.

By the time I got to my thing on Saturday, I was done. I was so exhausted, I was going on like three or four hours of sleep over four days...I was just trying to focus on getting through the night. As a result, I wasn't really able to mingle with everybody, and relax, because I was constantly running back and forth to make sure that musically, everything was on point. For example, make sure the band had everything they needed, wires, plugs, monitors, etc., then make sure the soundman dem (the djs), were hooked up, that all the artists who were performing were ready and available, get everyone in at the door on the guest list, and so on, and so forth...but in the end, it was all worth it.

Luckily, I had a lot of help with everything else, as far as setting up the food, the CD displays, album sales, and everything else. So big up Saran, Christine, Gwen, Renee, Reagan, Khemisha, and everybody else who I didn't name, it took a village to make this happen, and the help was greatly appreciated...

As far as the night itself, everything for the most part, went well. It wasn't until a week later, that I could really appreciate how good everything went. As an artist, you learn that there are two versions to everything you do, the first being your vision of how you want it to be, and the second being how it actually turns out, or how it really other words,things don't always go the way you plan...


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