Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just because we play what the people want....(Part 3)

Brighton is a prior fishing village turned summer home spot, and the Fishbowl is right off the beach, it reminded me of Coney Island in Brooklyn. The history of Brighton is interesting, apparently it dates back as far as the 1500s, but the original village was burnt to the ground by French raiders in 1514. By the 1700s, the Prince Regent, who later became King George IV, took a liking to the town, and built a residence, the Royal Pavillion, which has Indian architecture and Oriental interior design, well plush out. According to Will, because of him, there are a network of underground tunnels, in case he had to escape, and to this day, many of them have yet to be discovered.

The next day after the show, I went into the centre of Brighton with Will and Asbest, and took in the shopping ares, Brighton Pier, the Royal Pavillion, and St. Nicholas Church on Dyke Road. I also had some fish and chips, since me deh ah Heng-gland...and yow, they just fry the fish, without no seasoning atall, no flavour, no spice, nuttin...a sin to my Jamaican palette. On the Pier, they have amusement rides and such, and there is a picture of Haile Sellasie at the spot on the Pier where he visited it. Respect due to Will and Asbest for the tour...Bless up. After leaving Brighton, I headed back to London, where I had to catch a flight the following afternoon to my next destination: Madrid, Spain. (The Gate of the Sun, or Puerta del Sol, as they say in Espana) My sister was living there, so I decided to go and check her while I was filming some footage there for one of my music video projects.

After that, it was back to Prague for the Mighty Sounds Festival (which is the biggest punk-ska reggae festival in Europe) in Olsi U Tabora, Czech Republic, for yet another “blair-witch” type flex, because it was out inna the bush, in the Czech countryside. The show sell off as always, the crowd was massive, and they received my set well, and even sang along to Africa Why, which is always a wicked feeling….Big up Babylon Rocker for the linx…I shared the stage with Missy M, MC Amdiez, again, and met a Dread who lived in Germany, straight from yaad, go figure…Riddim up…


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