Saturday, May 9, 2009

So the Tings Set...Another Year Under the Belt (Part 2)

Even though things don't always go the way you planned, for the most part, the night was a success. It took a while to get everything started. INNASENSE had just finished playing at Mangos, so we had to pack all of their equipment up, and haul it over to Vagabond in a van. Then while they were setting back up again, BASHMENT from REBEL VYBZ, blessed up the turntables with his musical selections (Big up all the Southwest family). KHEV was scheduled to perform, but he had something come up at the last minute, so I had to make some readjustments to the lineup.

MAGYVA was the first to perform, family for life....he did a couple of his own material, then next was Ms. SIMONE GRANT outta Brooklyn, respect my girl, next time we get the music straight. She forgot her tracks in NYC, so at first, I was going to have Innasense back her, but they didn't want to play and then stop, because the other performances were off instrumentals, so logistically, it would mek more sense to have the band play last, so Simone did her thing acapella, and then FRANK NITTS was up. There was another event going on next door at PS14, so there was a conflict of sounds going on the first part of the night. It was spoiling up the vibes at first, but we just haffi cut and go thru...or just play louder, because "my sound a di champion sound," yuh si mi...but it was causing a whole lot a feedback in the mic...this was one of those moments when things weren't going the way I planned...


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