Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ask Skip Gates if he Got Silk?

Before I start, you say: "Hol on, yow Coppa, is wha kinda title dat?"
And I say: "Alright, cool no man, let me explain."

So for those who don't know, last night was the launch of Tribe's costume line for Trinidad Carnival 2010 (damn, it's 2010, we living in the future, like George Jetson, but no flying-saucer cars, robot-servants, imagine that...)

...but yeah, back to what I was saying, Tribe's costume line launch in Port of Spain, and I say "line," because the ting did set like a toppa-toppa fashion show in Paris, tu juice. So how did I know about the launch, you ask, well let's just say that someone very close to me (who's identity will remain concealed, because of her addiction) is a Carnival addict. One of hundreds, if not thousands, of addicts living overseas, who all stalk the various Trini websites, blogs, etc. together, to try and get the first look at all the costumes from the different bands, and keep up to date on all the events before Carnival. It's basically like a massive cyber-orgy, a virtual countdown to Trini Carnival, you can call it "6-month foreplay" before the big climax February in Port of Spain, when the whole city gets "mad," literally.

And for those of you who still don't know, on July 16, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a renowned black Harvard University professor and scholar, was arrested by a white police officer in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for disorderly conduct, because they were responding to a call about a break-in. If you don't know about Trinidad Carnival or Professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates, then google it, so you can be up to par, because it would take too long for an explanation of both here.

So now the big question, how are the two related. Well, first off, the Tribe launch was a big event last night, it was broadcast through a live web cast and viewers could comment live online as the event took place. Which by the way, not sure what the deal was with the light, but it kept going out on the stage, which I guess, was not a good look for Tribe, and the best part was all the models kept going, but nobody could see the costumes, maybe they were going for a candle-light effect, set the mood...

Nevertheless, as far as a complete marketing/publicity campaign, Tribe have the ting lock, the motto or catch phrase for this year is "Got Silk?" in reference to the title of the whole costume line, The Secret of Silk. This apparently, according to my source, was the first year it was broadcast live online. So it was a big ting, apparently, and I wasn't complaining, because who would complain about half-naked girls walking up and down the stage, yeah man, big up all my Trini women, I'm like Trick Daddy, except Trick love the kids, but "Coppa love the woman dem."


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