Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great Expectations...Mos Def & Jay Electronica Live in Miami (Part 2)...

So Jay finished his set, and was about to exit the stage, when he got the "whisper in the ear move." You know the move, the one that leaves the person on the receiving end of the whisper looking real nervous, and the whisperer walking off saying, "Damn, I'm glad I'm not the one letting them know." This usually takes place right before the flying bottles, sometimes after the booing, right before the "bearer of bad news" proclaims, "Don't kill the messenger, calm down," usually accompanied by something like, "the star isn't performing tonight, but we do have a special..." In come the bottles.

Lucky for Jay, he was told to stall, so he called up some local B-boys on stage to break for a few. But here's my thing, at a show of this caliber, should an artist really be stalling, using people from the crowd as fillers, just a question.

This all seemed to be pointless, because after everything was said and done, the B-boys came off the stage, Jay exited the stage, took his dj with him, and the crowd was once again left to the mercy of dead silence, no music, the Arts Center transformed from a concert to happy hour, because there was nothing else for entertainment. So here is my question: What was the point of stalling, if nothing happens on stage after the said stalling, once again, just a question, that's all.

While everybody was still talking about the week that just passed and catching up on old news, in walks a non-descriptive-type-dude onto the stage, and the unrecognizable figure sits down by the drums, while two non-descriptive-type djs set up shop.

All of sudden, the lights dim, and the non-descriptive-type-dude starts playing the drum set. At first there is a delayed reaction by the audience, before they realize it is the man thsy came to see, it was Mos Def, the Wizard of Oz had arrived.

He started off singing and spitting over the drums while he played, which was cool. Then he got in to his show set, and ran through the usuals, "Ms. Fat Booty," "Definition," which would of been dope if Talib came out, "Umi Says" and so on and so forth. He also performed his new joint, "Auditorium," minus Slick Rick, which once again, would have been dope if he showed up as well. Overall, his catologue set was good, it just felt rushed though, because he ran through them like Adrian Peterson. The last part of his show was basically the djs playing diffrent records, classics, a reggae set, and a Michael Jackson semi-tribute. When the reggae tunes were playing, the djs were the selectors, and he played the role of the "Mic Man" or MC, singing over some of the tunes, as if we were at a session...

Ofcourse, the highlight of the night was when he did the moonwalk to one of MJ's tracks, I forget which one it was...but overall, it was a good show, it just left a lot more to be desired from the cult-classic emcee/actor...especially in Miami, a city which often gets left out on most underground hip hop tours, i.e. Rock the Bells, but that's a whole other story...


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